optiphen™ dp preservative

chemistry: antimicrobials

INCI/chemical name: Propylene Carbonate (and) Benzoic Acid (and) Dehydroacetic Acid (and) Propanediol (Active ingredients without auxillaries.)

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Ashland's optiphen™ p platform is the next generation technology platform without alcoholic antimicrobials, based on an optimized delivery system which serves to ostensibly maximize preservative efficacy without interfering or destabilizing cosmetic formulations. All of the preservative products offered within the optiphen™ p platform address today’s demands for cost-efficient preservatives that follow natural ingredient trends.

optiphen™ dp preservative is based on nature identical actives and offers broad spectrum protection. optiphen™ dp is the first preservative launched in the optiphen™ p technology platform. It provides comprehensive antimicrobial protection in aqueous and emulsion-type personal care formulations and incorporates an optimized delivery system to maximize the actives efficacy usually without interfering or destabilizing cosmetic formulations, such as emulsions. 

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features and benefits
  • microbiostatic spectrum of activity in some formulations, additional booster is needed
  • effective up to pH 6.0
  • cost efficient preservative
  • optimized delivery system without alcoholic antimicrobials


leave-on +++
rinse-off +++
wet wipes +++

+++ highly recommended

use levels: 0.3 - 2.0%

max. temperature during production: below 80°C

additional information

pH 2 - 6
regulatory compliance Brazil, Canada, China, EU, Japan, Mexico, US
technologies without formaldehyde donor, without halogen, without isothiazolinones, without paraben, without phenoxyethanol
chemistry type with multifunctional ingredient, with organic acids

region currently available

For country-specific details, please contact your local sales representative.
Asia Pacific / China / Europe Middle East & Africa / Latin America / North America

sustainability features

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