Avant Institute Symposium 2017

Senses and essence: fragrance and flavors across personal & home care formulations

Date: December 13, 2017

Location: 1041 U.S. Highway 202/206, Bridgewater, NJ 08807

Click here for a detailed agenda, list of speakers, and presentation abstracts.

The Avant Institute was established by Ashland Specialty Ingredients in 2009 to foster and promote scientific research relevant to the development and commercialization of technologies for the personal care industry. The Ashland Avant Institute Symposium serves as a forum to advance the latest ideas in science and to apply that knowledge in commercialization activities.

In 1913, Marcel Proust published the first of seven volumes of one of the greatest works of fiction in any language – “In Search of Lost Time”. In his first volume, “Swann’s Way”, a key moment in the story occurs when the narrator talks about happy memories of his aunt’s house triggered immediately upon sensing the flavor of a madeleine dipped into a cup of tea. The personal products industry recognizes the power and subtlety of fragrance and flavor.  However, to most effectively add value to products, flavors and fragrances need to exhibit desired longevity, stability, and delivery characteristics. The Autumn 2017 Avant Institute Symposium aims to highlight cutting-edge research in fragrance and flavor science. Recognized industrial and academic researchers will present their work on the latest advances in the areas of new encapsulation chemistry of fragrances, applications of the latest encapsulation technology, formulation of fragrances in hair-care products, the use of polymers in fragrance retention and release on skin in surfactant-rich systems, the chemistry of ethnicity- and age-related differences in human odors, psychophysics of fragrance, olfactory prediction based upon molecular structure, consumer insight studies of new and novel flavors, and sensory receptors in skin.

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