THF - Tetrahydrofuran

chemistry: intermediates and solvents

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Tetrahydrofuran (THF) solvent is an inert, versatile solvent offering high solvency power for numerous organic substances. It is used as a starting reagent in many syntheses.

adhesives application
Solvent for PVC, polyurethane, polycarbonate, acetate, thermoplastics for adhesives/cements.

adhesives features/benefits:
Rapid uniformbit into substrates, hogh volatile, solvency, minimize gelling and contributes to bonding strength

coatings & inks application

  • magnetic recording media - used as solvent for magnetizable oxide and binder for resin for polyester and cellulose acetate tapes
  • vinyl fabric and sheeting coatings - solvent for high molecular PVC resins
  • PVC printing inks - use as co-solvent for promote adhesion of inks

coatings and inks features/benefits

  • provides uniform coating thickness and rapid drying
  • forms solution with high solids and practical woking viscosities
  • provides good viscosity and rheology control, reduces smearing

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