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Ashland scientists stick to it until solutions are found and our adhesives team offers a wide range of adhesive options for everything from bus wraps to bandages. Stick with Ashland for the best in adhesive solutions.

Ashland provides innovative technology solutions for a broad range of wide web adhesive and coating applications. Ashland’s extensive product line of pressure sensitive adhesives, functional coatings and primers are expertly formulated to meet customers' most stringent requirements in areas such as food and beverage, shipping, transportation, health and beauty, industrial, postage and security printing.

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Tapes and labels products are listed below.


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Ashland’s Arocure products are 100-percent solids, high-performance, radiation-curable pressure sensitive adhesives. The line of UV-curable adhesives represents a broad range of pressure sensitive adhesives for graphics, label and industrial applications.

Arocure™ radiation curable pressure sensitive adhesives

solvent acrylic: Ashland is a leading global supplier of solvent-based pressure sensitive adhesives. Our broad line of Aroset™ solvent adhesives are the best and most cost-effective choices for demanding performance applications. features and benefits Solvent pressure sensitive adhesive attributes range from: stable adhesion optically clean coater-ready ease of coating UV resistance improved anchorage mechanically stable reduced plasticize...

Aroset™ solvent acrylic pressure sensitive adhesives

Aroset™ emulsion pressure sensitive-adhesives are designed for a wide range of specialty permanent and removable applications. Our coater-ready formulations meet the most stringent performance requirements on paper, film and vinyl substrates in label, tape and graphic applications. Ashland works with you to determine your specifications and then drawing on its technology and experience, helps determine the best product - whether it is stand...

Aroset™ emulsion pressure sensitive adhesives

Flexcryl™ adhesives are designed for a wide range of pressure-sensitive applications. Our coater-ready formulations meet the most stringent performance requirements in the labeling industry.

Flexcryl™ pressure sensitive adhesives

PureRad™ UV/EB cured laminating and pressure sensitive adhesives are engineered for film/film, film/paper or metalized film to film applications. PureRad UV/EB adhesives have been developed with a robust formula and tested for use with various inks, including water-based, UV/EB, solvent and digital inks. Some of our patented formulations have been specifically designed for low migration and metalized film applications.  Additionally, w...

PureRad™ radiation-curable laminating adhesive

Ashland's Purekote™ water-based overprint coatings and primers are coater-ready for a variety of coating methods, including flexographic, offset/lithographic, gravure, meyer rod and screen. Our coatings can also be formulated to meet specific government regulations (FDA, Prop 65, CONEG) as well as compliant with specific CPG companies’ specifications. Ashland’s Purekote water-based coatings offer superior performance with consis...

Purekote™ water-based coating

amplifying the efficacy and refining the usability of your customers’ products and applications Purekote™ 8020 waterbased offline primer for HP digital presses joins Ashland’s comprehensive portfolio of RIT certified overprint varnishes and laminating adhesives. features and benefits: easy to coat and excellent adhesion non-corrosive to impression roll non-yellowing to film substrate excellent clarity (important for shrink slee...

Purekote™ 8020 HP offline primer

a new, innovative, low-trauma medical adhesive Aroset™ Gentle 700 PSA is a unique and differentiated pressure sensitive adhesive designed to meet the growing demands within the medical-use and wound-care industries. This new innovative, low-trauma adhesive allows for superior and consistent functionality without the painful side-effects. features and benefits user friendly (especially for sensitive skin) repositionable passed ISO 10993 bio...

Aroset™ Gentle 700 PSA

extensive line of next generation energy curable coatings & adhesives supporting emerging technologies Ashland’s new UV LED and HgUV portfolio of products are designed to meet the growing demands and industry trends of UV LED technology. From overprint varnishes to adhesives, we offer a wide range of products to fit the most demanding applications including high scuff resistance, low migration and chemical resistance. All Ashland LED pr...

Pureled™ UV LED line products

enhances performance for the most demanding flexible packaging applications Offering both aliphatic and aromatic chemistries, Solvester™ portfolio of laminating adhesives delivers outstanding bond performance, aggressive ingredient resistance, low migration performance and ideal cure times of three days or less at ambient temperatures. features and benefits: low migration performance 3 days or less cure time slit and pouch in under 6 hours...

Solvester™ laminating adhesives portfolio


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