PureSeal™  water-based cold seals and heat-activated adhesives

chemistry: Adhesives

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Ashland's PureSeal™ cold seals and heat-activated adhesives/coatings are formulated for a variety of end-use markets and applications, such as food, medical and industrial packaging, and paper upgrading and labels.

PureSeal water-based cold seals are natural rubber latex, synthetic or hybrid blends. PureSeal heat-activated adhesives are synthetic emulsions based on styrene acrylic polyurethane and vinyl acetate emulsions, formulated to balance hot tack, seal strength and block resistance.

PureSeal cold seals and heat-activated adhesives can be formulated to perform on various substrates and at specific adhesion values, FDA regulations, sterilization methods and other compounded organoleptic requirements. They can be used in gravure, flexographic, roll, rod and pattern coating applications.

If you don’t see what you are looking for, we can custom-formulate something to meet your specific requirements.

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