Pureled™ UV LED line products

chemistry: Adhesives

extensive line of next generation energy curable coatings & adhesives supporting emerging technologies

Ashland’s new UV LED and HgUV portfolio of products are designed to meet the growing demands and industry trends of UV LED technology. From overprint varnishes to adhesives, we offer a wide range of products to fit the most demanding applications including high scuff resistance, low migration and chemical resistance. All Ashland LED products are dual-curable by both UV LED and HgUV.


  • overprint varnish (spot and flood)
  • coatings
  • adhesives
  • cold foils
  • lamination
  • cast and cure
  • decorative glitter
  • glitter
  • embossing
  • heat sensitive films

why do converters choose UV LED over HgUV?

  • consistent energy output:
    HgUV bulbs begin to degrade as soon as they are first powered on and by around 1000 hours, decrease to 80% efficiency with faster degradation around the edges. UV LED units provide 100% output for 20000+ hours
  • energy savings:
    HgUV lamps require at least 15 minutes to warm up before running the press, then at least 15 minutes to cool down after the press is turned off. UV LED units use less electricity than HgUV lamps – less heat on web and little heat generation.
  • lower maintenance:
    Besides regularly changing HgUV bulbs, filters and reflectors need cleaning and periodic replacement. UV LED units only need the quartz lens scraped off as needed to remove any UV build-up
  • sustainability:
    UV LED requires no ozone venting and no Hg in the UV LED units.

Labelexpo 2019 - Pure LED Technology

Who meets the growing demands and industry trends of UV LED technology? We do. Looking for a highly productive and greener way to cure inks and adhesives? Discover our PureLED™ range of UV-LED & H-UV varnishes and adhesives. View the video below to learn more from solver Stuart May.




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