Solvester™ laminating adhesives portfolio

chemistry: Adhesives

enhances performance for the most demanding flexible packaging applications

Offering both aliphatic and aromatic chemistries, Solvester™ portfolio of laminating adhesives delivers outstanding bond performance, aggressive ingredient resistance, low migration performance and ideal cure times of three days or less at ambient temperatures.

features and benefits:

  • low migration performance
  • 3 days or less cure time
  • slit and pouch in under 6 hours
  • increased coating through-put
  • fitness-for-use in broad array of food packaging


  • retort packaging
  • microwavable
  • “hard-to-hold” aggressive ingredients
  • use of high slip sealant films


  • outstanding optical clarity
  • excellent adhesion to clear and metalized films
  • non-yellowing
  • good UV resistance
  • longer pot life



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