Purelam Safecure™ A320/B440 Solvent-Free Laminating Adhesives for Flexible Packaging

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Ensure that your flexible packaging is at zero risk of amine migration by specifying Safecure A320/B440 solventless laminating adhesive. This solvent-free aliphatic polyurethane adhesive provides excellent safety performance for the vast majority of foods. Additionally, it offers fast cure, UV stability and a potential lower overall packaging cost due to manufacturing efficiencies. And with zero amine migration, it mitigates the possibility of costly recalls from adhesive.

Technology & Compliance

  • Solvent-free aliphatic polyurethane – no aromatic amines expected
  • 21 CFR177.1395 Compliant (FDA Conditions of Use B-H) – Food Contact Notification pending
  • Suitable for the vast majority of food types

Superior Performance

  • Best balance of long pot life and rapid cure
  • Bonds most clear-film combinations
  • Excellent resistance to anti-sealing
  • Excellent UV stability - for use in lawn/garden bags and baby wipes
  • Fast curing - full adhesive bond in under two days at ambient temperature

Efficiencies & Convenience

  • “All-in-one” adhesive – eliminates the need to change adhesives between all clear film applications
  • Ability to improve manufacturing efficiencies and decrease overall manufacturing costs • Solvent-free technology – enables lower cost-in-use (no ovens or incinerators, smaller equipment footprint)
  • No need for hot room post-cure
  • Excellent machineability
  • Easy clean up

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