Ashland is Haney’s featured VIA Alliance Partner

Ashland delivers a defensive strategy for product integrity in the food packaging industry.

Brand owners and material suppliers are being inundated with pressure to guarantee the safety of their packaging, particularly in food applications.

In the past, this responsibility has been overseen by governmental organizations, such as the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). However, currently third-party non-governmental organizations and grassroots consumer advocates are holding brands to even higher standards.

In response to this increased scrutiny, brand owners such as Haney are turning to the raw material suppliers such as Ashland, for answers.

Dr. Joe Spinnato, manager, Business Development, Food Packaging, recently discussed the necessity for brand owners, in addition to printers and converters, to fully understand the material composition of food packaging.

Ashland is proud to be a valued member of the VIA Partnership - an alliance of best-in-class raw material packaging manufacturers that provide industry-leading materials, printing effects/finishes, and technologies to the consumer packaging industry. Ashland is always looking forward at emerging trends and innovative technology solutions for a broad range of narrow-, mid- and wide-web applications, such as UV LED coatings and adhesives. Ashland's adhesives experts answer questions.

Haney has partnered with over 40 companies throughout the label and packaging value chain to create the largest physical packaging library in the world for Ashland's clients to use on their upstream brand package initiatives.

Simultaneously, Ashland is effectively providing brands with the peace of mind that their packaging formats are safe and legal.



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