Sterin™ insect irradiation indicators

chemistry: Radiochromic Film

sterility assured

Sterin is an indicator developed for use with the Sterile Insect Technique (SIT). Sterin provides positive visual verification that the insects have been irradiated to the specified minimum dosage. Ashland has been manufacturing irradiation indicators for over 25 years that are used around the globe.

When attached to containers containing insects, Sterin irradiation indicators show whether the insects have been irradiated. Before the insects and its attached indicator are irradiated, the indicator reads “NOT IRRADIATED”. After the insects and its attached indicator are irradiated, the word “NOT” is obscured and the indicator reads “IRRADIATED”.

product features:

  • sticks to the inside of the container
  • easy to use: just peel, stick, irradiate, and read
  • reduces operator errors by providing a positive, visual verification of irradiation
  • enhances quality assurance
  • meets cGMP requirements

Sterin is available for doses of 70 Gy, 100 Gy, 125 Gy, and 145 Gy. Contact us for other doses. For more information on Sterin or how to order, contact us.

*Sterin irradiation indicators only indicate that irradiation at the minimum specified dosage has occurred. They should not be used as dosimeters to measure the dose delivered by the irradiator.

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