Arofene™ phenolic resins and adhesives

chemistry: Adhesives

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Ashland’s goal is to provide the transportation industry a single source for structural bonding solutions regardless of substrate and fabrication environments. From body shops to manufacturing facilities, our phenolic resins and adhesives set the standard of performance.

Arofene™ resins exhibit high temperature resistance, resistance to corrosion and chemical attack, low smoke, low flame, and low smoke toxicity. They feature high strength and an excellent cost position vs competing materials.


Arofene™ Phenolic Resins have been specified for:

  • anti-ballistic and flame-resistant composites
  • structural laminates
  • coated and bonded abrasives
  • impregnation of filter media for air, oil and transmission filters
  • friction media for automotive transmission components
  • gasket material
  • adhesive additives for fortification
  • low VOC, low HAPS and low free formaldehyde products

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Ashland Arofene™ Resins also features products for the Aerospace Industry. Applications include:

  • high density composites
  • Ablative applications in nose cones, exit cones and carbon/carbon brakes
  • Fortification for honeycomb cores and skins, wings and stabilizers

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Arofene™ adhesives feature excellent chemical and corrosion resistance to acids, solvents, oils and automatic transmission fluids. They also display exceptional high temperature performance to temperature up to 600F and retain ~25% of their shear strength at 400F. With a wide selection of formulations, these modified phenolic adhesives are formulated for a wide range of softening points, stiffnesses and processing parameters.
Arofene™ Adhesives are permitted for application in:

  • drum and disk brakes
  • multi-layer engine gaskets
  • transmission components
  • metal primers
  • noise dampening

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