FilmQA™ XR software

Chemistry: Advanced Materials

FilmQA™ XR software is an analysis tool specifically designed to perform the spot measurement in all kinds of settings. It allows you to scan or open images of exposed film and calculate the film exposure. The calculation is based on a scanner-dependent calibration function. 

The easy-to-use features of our software are ideal for the fast-paced environment of the modern hospital. FilmQA XR software is specifically developed for use with Gafchromic™ XR processorless film sheets, such as Gafchomic XR-RV3 film for measuring peak skin dose in interventional procedures guided by fluoroscopy.

To check the radiation doses delivered by CT scanners, mammographs and similar equipment,  the use of FilmQA XR with Gafchromic XR-QA2 film is suggested.

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