image view and edit panel

panel 1.jpg

  1. menu
    panel A.jpg
    To save, open and select the preferred configuration, units, or panels and to generate license data.

  2. status bar
    panel B.jpg
    To view the current status, make changes to the status history and the appearance of the screen, and to copy a screen shot.

  3. padding
    panel C.jpg
    To change the configuration of the screen.

  4. case data selector
    panel D.jpg
    Shows the case management tree which allows you to add selected image objects into case data

  5. image panel
    panel E.jpg
    Displays the image and region of interest for dose calibration and measurement.

  6. film evaluation panel
    panel F.jpg
    Evaluates images converted to dose space using a multitude of quantitative analysis tools.
  1. padding
    panel Fa.jpg
    Allows you to review the image and source information

  2. cursor panel
    panel Fb.jpg
    Displays the magnified view of the region around the cursor in the “Image Panel” as well as its information.

  3. statistics panel
    panel Fc.jpg
    Shows the dose histogram and the image pixel statistics.

  4. profile panel
    panel Fd.jpg
    Shows the image pixel statistics profile along the path drawn in the “Image Panel”

  5. contour panel
    panel Fe.jpg
    Displays the iso-line chart of the image in the “Image Panel” for a given set of contour level values.

  6. iso-map panel
    panel Ff.jpg
    Displays the iso-dose map of the image in the “Image Panel” for a given set of contour level values.

panel 2.jpg

G. calibration tool panel
panel G.jpg
Displays the calibration data, fitting function and coefficients..

panel H.jpg

H. scanner linearization panel
panel H2.jpg
Displays tools for scanner linearization correction.

  1. regions panel
    panel Ha.jpg
    Allows you to define the regions used to approximate the scanner characteristic function S.

  2. data panel
    panel Hb.jpg
    Allows you to view the scanned color value calibration function and the graph associated with it.

  3. charts panel
    panel Hc.jpg
    Shows the chart calibrator functions with respect to scanned color or profile along selected path of the background image.

image comparer panel

panel 4.jpg

1. delta map panel
panel 41.jpg
Displays Gamma, DTA, Dose difference map, passing rate and parameters.

2. projection panel
panel 42.jpg
Display the dose map projected at plan coordinates (same resolution like plan).

3. rotation knob
panel 43.jpg
Adjusts the orientation of the Dose map from the film.

4. direction pad
panel 44.jpg
Adjusts the position of the Dose map from the film.

5. report panel
panel 45.jpg
Assign the report format, customize the details of the evaluation result.


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