Celadrin† esterified fatty acid complex to support healthy joints*

Keeping active is an important contributor to quality of life and overall health maintenance. People with joint discomfort may be reluctant to engage in physical activity. Lack of physical activity over a long period of time can impact a person’s ability to enjoy life. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), the number of people affected by joint complaints is expected to rise.

If you are seeking an ingredient for joint support, Celadrin† complex may be the right solution for your formulation needs. Celadrin† esterified fatty acid complex may decrease joint discomfort. Our technical team will be happy to discuss further whether Celadrin complex or one of our other products is the best product for you.

key features and benefits

  • Celadrin† EFAC has been studied since 2002 and multiple clinical trials have shown its effectiveness.
  • Celadrin† EFAC, when given orally†, has been shown to: improve knee range of motion and overall function achieve significant improvements in functional self-efficacy coupled with significant reduction in knee discomfort
  • Celadrin† EFAC, when applied topically, has been shown to: significantly reduce discomfort within 30 minutes
    significantly improve functional performance and postural stability, with continued improvement throughout the 30-day study
  • cetylated fatty acid esters, when applied topically, have been found to effectively reduce neck discomfort when combined with physical therapy
  • additionally, cetylated fatty acid complexes have been used to assist canines with joint health challenges


  • flexible formulation and route of administration options
  • can be applied topically
  • can be taken orally
  • vegetarian options available
  • non-GMO options available

Finished goods manufacturers should review applicable local regulatory requirements and/or consult local regulatory agencies to ensure compliance.

† Trademark owned by a third party.

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