AeroWhip™ modified cellulose

chemistry: cellulosics

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Who whips up great solutions? We do.

At Ashland, we know that creating high performance whipped topping requires the right combination of ingredients and formulation expertise.  That’s why we’re always solving – to make sure that you have the right ingredients to help solve your formulation objectives.  Our products are suitable for a variety of baking applications, from fillings to coverings to decorations and for formulas that are either dairy or vegan.

Aerowhip™ stabilizers and emulsifiers are premier whipping agents designed to optimize non-dairy whipped toppings (NDWT) and vegetable creams.  Aerowhip™ ingredients have low surface and interfacial tensions in solution, providing a cost-effective result without sacrificing a creamy mouthfeel or natural color.  Aerowhip™ stabilizers also facilitate structure in fat to create good, stable foams, increase overrun, decrease whipping times and control syneresis.

Certain Aerowhip™ stabilizers and emulsifiers are suitable for applications processed via ultra-high temperature (UHT) or pasteurization.  Our portfolios of products, used in combination or alone, provides impressive performance in NDWT applications.  Differences in heating systems, other raw materials, and processing steps can all affect final product characteristics.  Our team of solvers can assist you in creating a formula to achieve your desired end result.

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