Polyclar™ V and VT

chemistry: PVP polymers and VP derivatives

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Polyclar™ single-use stabilizers for wine and non-alcoholic beverages from Ashland can significantly enhance the quality and reliability of your beverage. Used in white, rosé, red and sparkling wines or fruit juices, teas and concentrates, Polyclar single-use stabilizers improve color, taste and aroma. Polyclar single-use stabilizers are used preventively or remedially to specifically adsorb polyphenolic materials and their monomeric precursors.

Polyclar single-use stabilizers can:

  • Improve clarity and shelf life by removing polyphenols involved in colloidal haze formation and oxidative color change such as pinking or browning
  • Reduce oxidative flavor deterioration
  • Reduce loss of fresh, fruity aroma and flavor characteristics

The right product for the right application

  • Polyclar V single-use stabilizer - optimized for rapid polyphenol adsorption and removal by filtration
  • Polyclar VT single-use stabilizer - optimized for polyphenol adsorption and settling when added to beverages in larger vessels


Polyclar single-use stabilizers have the following benefits and features:

  • Efficient and highly selective remove the polyphenols that adversely affect appearance, aroma and flavor
  • Higher efficacy - lower dosage rates than alternative stabilizers
  • Excellent, easy-to-use  handling characteristics
  • Safe to use and environmentally friendly
  • No additives labeling requirements; completely removed by filtration
  • Proven in-use reliability

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