Polyclar™ Plus 730

chemistry: PVP polymers and VP derivatives

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Polyclar™ Plus 730 single-use, balanced beer stabilizer is a composite of Polyclar polyvinyl polypyrrolidone (PVPP) and a specially developed grade of silica xerogel. It benefits from the synergism between these two components by extending beer shelf life and filtration. A dual-action stabilizer, it offers highly effective reduction of both haze-forming polyphenols and haze-forming proteins.

The use of silica xerogel is the most common method of reducing haze-forming proteins. The gel adsorbs the proline-rich, haze-forming protein onto its surface. Hydrogen bonding between the silanol groups on the surface of the silica and the carbonyl groups of the proline creates a strong complex, allowing the filter’s insoluble silica to easily remove the haze-forming proteins.

The inclusion of PVPP in the admixture of Polyclar Plus 730 single-use, balanced beer stabilizer provides efficient and highly selective removal of haze-producing polyphenols, thus preventing the formation of insoluble protein-polyphenol complexes responsible for chill and permanent haze.

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features and benefits

Polyclar Plus 730 single-use, balanced beer stabilizer benefits and features include:

  • A single-use, one-step solution for balanced stabilization
  • Improved of dispersion and slowed sedimentation of silica xerogel, resulting in more-uniform dosing and efficient removal of haze components
  • Effective and highly selective removal of haze-producing polyphenols
  • Protection against chill- and permanent-haze development
  • Prevention of oxidation of flavanoids, which contribute to harsh, astringent and stale flavors in beer
  • No negative impact on foam, flavor or other quality parameters
  • Compatibility with all filter technologies, including cross-flow filtration
  • Complete insolubility in all types of beer
  • No labeling requirements; completely removed by filtration

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