Polyclar™ Granules

chemistry: PVP polymers and copolymers

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Polyclar™ Granules single-use, low-dust beer stabilizer is a highly efficacious, large-particle polyvinyl polypyrrolidone (PVPP) stabilizer for beer. It provides all the benefits of Polyclar 10 single-use beer stabilizer in a low-dust version. The granules are considerably larger than Polyclar 10 single-use beer stabilizer, very low-dusting and produce a cleaner slurry for addition to beverage tanks.

Extremely easy to handle and disperse, Polyclar Granules single-use, low-dust beer stabilizer requires just a few minutes of contact time for selective hydrogen bonding to remove undesirable tannoids. This fast-wetting characteristic is due to its large surface area, which helps to accelerate the slurrying process and create efficient dispersion and hydration.

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features and benefits

Polyclar Granules single-use, low-dust beer stabilizer provides a low-dust option to preserve the quality and character of beer after packaging. Polyclar Granules single-use, low-dust beer stabilizer benefits and features include:

  • Single-use, low-dust PVPP stabilization
  • Effective and highly selective removal of haze-producing polyphenols
  • Protection against chill- and permanent-haze development
  • Prevention of oxidation of flavanoids, which contribute to harsh, astringent and stale flavors in beer
  • No negative impact on foam, flavor or other quality parameters
  • Compatibility with all filter technologies, including cross-flow filtration
  • Complete insolubility in all types of beer
  • No labeling requirements; completely removed by filtration

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