Polyclar™ 10

chemistry: PVP polymers and VP derivatives

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Polyclar™ 10 single-use beer stabilizer is a highly effective, 100% polyvinyl polypyrrolidone (PVPP) beer stabilizer. It is optimized for single use on its own or in conjunction with other stabilizers, to offer a highly effective means of preventing non-biological haze in all types of beer.

Non-biological haze formation results primarily from hydrogen bonding between haze-producing proteins and the polyphenol constituents of beer. To achieve colloidal stability, it is necessary to reduce these protein-pholyphenol complexes or prevent them from forming. Polyclar 10 beer stabilizer complexes with specific polyphenols in beer via hydrogen bonding and is then removed during filtration. The bonding occurs between the carbonyl groups of Polyclar 10 beer stabilizer and the hydroxyl groups of polyphenols.

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features and benefits

Polyclar 10 beer stabilizer represents a significant development in preserving the quality and character of beer after packaging. Polyclar 10 beer stabilizer benefits and features include:

  • Single-use PVPP stabilizer
  • Effective and highly selective removal of haze-producing polyphenols
  • Protection against chill- and permanent-haze development
  • Prevention of oxidation of flavanoids, which contribute to harsh, astringent and stale flavors in beer
  • No negative impact on foam, flavor or other quality parameters
  • Compatibility with all filter technologies, including cross-flow filtration
  • Complete insolubility in all types of beer
  • No labeling requirements; completely removed by filtration

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