FRP Coupons

FRP corrosion coupons to evaluate in your process

Ashland Composites specializes in the evaluation of FRP for corrosive service. Our resins are routinely used to fabricate tanks, piping, scrubbers, pumps, valves and ducting for corrosive environments. The Ashland Corrosion Team can recommend specific resins for your chemical environment. We can also provide FRP test coupons - made to ASTM C581 standards - for you to test in your process. Just drop put them into your storage tank, scrubber or piping system for a year and then send them back to us. The Ashland Corrosion Team will be happy to evaluate those same coupons after exposure and report back to you on their suitability for that particular environment. Check the box and we will make the arrangements to send ASTM C-581 FRP coupons to you for testing.

We also offer free seminars on corrosion control with FRP fabricated with Ashland Derakane and Hetron epoxy vinyl ester resins: Sign up for a free lunch and learn seminar.

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