Isoset™ structural adhesives

chemistry: Adhesives

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Isoset™ structural adhesives are two-component systems consisting of a base emulsion polymer and a crosslinking agent. Used in the fabrication of wood components such as structural finger joints, I-joists, laminated veneer lumber, vertical studs and glulam beams, Isoset adhesives are also used to bond sandwich panel components. 

Suitable for bonding everything from various wood species, gypsum wallboard, hardboard, particleboard and plywood to core materials such as styrene and urethane foam, paper and aluminum honeycomb.

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features and benefits


  • Excellent structural properties
  • Cure at wide range of temperatures
  • Water-based
  • Cleans up with water
  • Contains no formaldehyde
  • Moisture and solvent resistant
  • Neutral color - no red stains
  • Cure at neutral pH
  • Environmentally acceptable


  • Facilitate web-to-web butt joints in I-joists
  • Tolerance to the moisture contents of wood
  • Fast cure
  • Achieves strength faster than competing adhesives to optimize production
  • Designed specifically for soft woods used in EWP applications

Application methods:

  • Extrude
  • Roll Coat

Curing Techniques:

  • Cold Press
  • Hot Press
  • RF Cure

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