Aroset™ emulsion pressure sensitive adhesives

chemistry: Adhesives

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Aroset™ emulsion pressure sensitive-adhesives are designed for a wide range of specialty permanent and removable applications. Our coater-ready formulations meet the most stringent performance requirements on paper, film and vinyl substrates in label, tape and graphic applications.

Ashland works with you to determine your specifications and then drawing on its technology and experience, helps determine the best product - whether it is standard or custom formulated. Let our product development team translate technology into finished products that yield differentiated performance for your application.

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features and benefits

Ashland offers complimentary products and Technologies including:

  • Pressure Sensitive Adhesives
  • Primers
  • Release Coatings
  • Hard Coatings


  • UV
  • EB
  • Water based
  • Solvent based


  • Optically clear adhesives
  • Non-ghosting
  • Stable adhesion
  • Excellent aging characteristics
  • UV resistant
  • Clean removal
  • Non-Yellowing
  • Scratch / scuff resistanct
  • Chemical / mositure / heat resistance