Pliogrip™ two-part adhesives are used in numerous industrial applications such as industrial equipment, suitcases, doors, house hold articles, consumer products and electronics, CNG pressure tanks and sport equipment. Infrastructure applications include composite bridge decking, utility poles and marine pilings.

Easy in use, versatile adhesion and long term durability make them true allrounders



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Arofene™ phenolic resins are used as media saturants providing heat, chemical and water resistance as well as other specialized properties such as a frictional coefficient. They are also used as prepreg resins for laminating applications, as base resins or fortifiers for adhesives or as a resin used to adhere sizing to paper in abrasive applications. Arofene phenolic adhesives are used to bond non-metallic materials, such as transmission fr...

Arofene™ phenolic resins and adhesives

Pliogrip™ structural adhesives have been used for composite bonding in automotive and heavy truck applications for more than 40 years. Formulated to bond composites, plastics, metals and glass, and available in two-part polyurethane, epoxy and methacrylate technologies, Pliogrip structural adhesives can be an effective solution in a wide variety of applications. Consider Pliogrip adhesives for bonding and assembly of automotive composites, ...

Pliogrip™ structural adhesives

Isogrip™ adhesives are user-friendly adhesives that chemically react with the presence of moisture to form a thermosetting bond. Made up of one component, 100 percent solids, they contain no VOCs or formaldehyde and are non-flammable. In a typical application, Isogrip™ adhesive is coated onto a core material and misted with a controlled amount of water. The core is then covered by the skin substrates and a stack is made. The stack is ...

Isogrip™ structural adhesives


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