Polaris™ unsaturated polyester resin

Chemistry: Composites

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Polaris™ unsaturated polyester resins provide fabricators with resin options that fit any cast polymer need. Polaris resins are designed for high filler loading, fast green strength development and quick de-mold times without cracking or warping. Polaris resins have excellent batch-to-batch consistency in color and liquid properties. For cultured marble and onyx fabricators, Polaris resins also have excellent thermal shock resistance and low color.

For the solid surface fabricator, Polaris resins will produce void-free solid surfaces that exceed ANSI 124.6 testing requirements for stain and chemical resistance. For engineered stone applications, Polaris resins provide superior strength and surface quality compared to traditional materials. Polaris resins also have good mechanical strength and low water absorption at high filler loading capacity.

Applications Description Benefits
Cast Marble and Onyx Polaris resins are used in vanity tops, bath                 tubs and wall panels.

- Superior batch-to-batch color consistency and liquid properties
- Excellent filler loading and filler wet-out
- Superior resistance to thermal shock
- Non-porous surface

Engineered Stone Polaris engineered stone resins are used in countertops. The resins are equal weight to natural stone and have good mechanical strength, low water absorption and a high filler loading capacity.

- Good mechanical strength
- Low water absorption
- High filler loading capacity
- Superior air release

Solid Surface Polaris acrylic modified solid surface resins are used in countertops. Exceeds ANSI Z124.6 solid surface standards for stain, chemical and water resistance. Surpassed 10,000 thermal cycles for shock resistance.

- Non-porous surface
- Stain-resistant
- Seamless, so no grout required
- Excellent design flexibility 
- Easy to clean

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