Isogrip™ structural adhesive

chemistry: Adhesives

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Isogrip™ adhesives are user-friendly adhesives that chemically react with the presence of moisture to form a thermosetting bond. Made up of one component, 100 percent solids, they contain no VOCs or formaldehyde and are non-flammable.

In a typical application, Isogrip™ adhesive is coated onto a core material and misted with a controlled amount of water. The core is then covered by the skin substrates and a stack is made. The stack is then pressed for a specific period of time. During the press cycle, the moisture reacts with the adhesive to cure.

When cured, these ICC-ES recognized adhesives offer excellent resistance to water, heat, chemicals and humidity.

Isogrip™ adhesives provide costs savings in both labor and materials and are easy to handle, use, clean and dispose of and will work on most substrates.



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