External Assurance

Ashland has not obtained external assurance for the development of this online report. However, Ashland has rigorous internal policies and practices that provide assurance about the accuracy of the content of this report. They include the following internal and external processes:

  • Internal Audit: We have a rigorous internal audit process that evaluates our operations in the following areas: environmental, health & safety, process safety, Responsible Care® management systems, and financial & business processrd.
  • U.S Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) Filings: We file or provide information, including our annual, quarterly, and current reports, and proxy statements to the U.S. SEC. We are subject to its rules and regulations.
  • Global Standards of Business Conduct: All Ashland employees worldwide are required to complete annual training on the legal and ethical standards presented in the Global Standards of Business Conduct. Additionally, we require our employees to certify their compliance with our business code of conduct, anti-corruption and insider trading.
  • Environmental, Health and Safety Organization: We have established a global EHS organization, and we are committed to ensuring compliance with applicable environmental, health, safety and security laws, regulations, technical specifications and internal standards, while adhering to high ethical standards.  
  • Community Advisory Panels: We are transparent with regard to our operations and encourage our facilities to establish community advisory panels to provide a forum to exchange information on plant activities with the local community. We provide extensive information regarding our sites and provide constructive response to issues raised at these community advisory panels. See Engaging Stakeholders section.
  • External Partnerships: We partner with many external organizations on a project or ongoing basis to address operational and community issues. See the Engaging Stakeholders section.
  • 1-800-ASHLAND: Ashland has established an open reporting system to allow our employees to report on EH&S, security, and compliance related concerns. It is also available to our customers and suppliers who can report issues of concern and seek advice and assistance.
  • Environmental and Social Impact Assessments: Prior to constructing new facilities or expanding existing ones, we conduct an environmental and social impact assessment to determine what effects the project would have on the community.


Headquartered in the U.S.A., Ashland is an active member of the American Chemistry Council.  Because we are a global company, we also participate in similar organizations in other countries as well as the International Council of Chemical Associations.  As an indication of our commitment to Responsible Care, we have obtained  third-party certifications to RC14001, which includes the internationally recognized ISO 14001 certification and adds additional health, safety, security, and chemical industry requirements.  Currently, Ashland has 46 international sites participating on a group RC14001 certification, and we are working toward certifying all of our manufacturing locations.  Also, as part of our commitment to health and safety, 16 of our sites have obtained an additional OHSAS 18001 certification, an international health and safety management system.