Continuing Education

At Ashland, we believe that learning is a continual process and that education and personal development is critical in keeping employees engaged, productive and contributing to the success of Ashland.

Our employees around the world are enrolled in the company’s Learning Management System (LMS), which tracks most, but not all, global training. Ashland's LMS offers more than 840 courses. Our LMS provides employees with required training classes in 13 languages and offers optional classes to further employee development. Classes are available addressing such topics as safety, compliance, ethics, diversity, customer service, business skills, product training, management skills and professional effectiveness.

In our operating plants, our personnel undertake additional skills development and compliance training in order to operate our facilities according to our internal and regulatory requirements. This is accomplished through many recognized training methodologies such as in-classroom and on-the-job training, as well as computer-based learning systems. Training is conducted at defined frequencies to keep employees informed of these requirements as well as to refresh and enhance their skills.

Ashland collaborates with many leading universities, research organizations, companies, and industry and professional organizations to provide developmental experiences. Additionally, formal training is another important mechanism in developing new skills. Other personal development opportunities include seminars and training programs provided by industry trade and professional organizations.

Ashland also provides tuition assistance for U.S. employees enrolled in higher education programs directed at improving their job performance or helping them prepare for future job within the company.