Site-Specific Initiatives

Ashland manufacturing, research, and corporate sites routinely implement new processes to reduce our environmental footprint. Our key initiatives include the reduction of hazardous waste, installation and use of renewable energy sources, and assessment of product life cycles and end-impacts.

solvent recovery

In 2014, the Ashland Columbus Hilliard plant implemented a project to recover solvents from a manufacturing process that produces a cosmetic intermediate. Normally, these solvents would be disposed of as a hazardous waste through incineration. The project achieved a 95% recovery rate in its first year of operation. Approximately 685 metric tons of solvent were recovered and recycled at the Hilliard plant this reporting period. As a result of the plant’s successful efforts, they were awarded the American Chemistry Council’s Waste Minimization, Reuse and Recycling Award. Our Ashland, Ohio facility implemented this same process during fiscal year 2018, and about 37 metric tons of waste were recovered from 5/3/2018 to 9/30/2018. This site received the Society of Chemical Manufacturers and Affiliates (SOCMA) 2018 Sustainability Award for the installation of Ashland’s solvent recovery technology.

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