Who celebrates a CEO that led incredible transformation? We do.

Bill Wulfsohn has been named the 2019 recipient of the Winthrop-Sears Medal

The Chemists’ Club president, Dr. Roland Stefandl, announced that Ashland Chairman and CEO Bill Wulfsohn is the 2019 recipient of the Winthrop-Sears Medal for entrepreneurial excellence in the chemical industry.

Wulfsohn will receive the medal at the club’s 122nd annual Eggnog Gala, to be held Dec. 12 at the New York Academy of Sciences.

Since joining Ashland in 2015, Wulfsohn has led Ashland’s incredible transformation from transactional supplier to an innovations partner that is always solving™. Bill’s clear strategic focus enables Ashland solvers around the globe 24/7/365 to make a better world by providing creative solutions through the application of specialty ingredients. Under his leadership, Ashland is recognized as a premier force in the global specialty chemicals industry. 

The Winthrop-Sears Medal recognizes entrepreneurial achievements in the chemical industry. The medal is named in honor of two of America’s earliest chemical entrepreneurs, John Winthrop, Jr., considered the nation’s first chemist, and John Sears, who founded its salt industry. Previous recipients include Mario Nappa (Chemours), Peter McCausland (Airgas), Sol Barer (Celgene), Robert Gore (Gore-Tex), and Jon M. Huntsman (Huntsman Chemical Corporation).

Founded in 1898, the Chemists’ Club, is a 501(c)3 nonprofit educational organization. Anyone interested in chemical process industries may join, and members include consultants, financial analysts, attorneys, accountants, and academics. The club is active on college campuses, helping undergraduate and graduate students to prepare for professional life, make informed career choices, and get jobs. The club also assists young professionals with their career development.

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