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As one of Asia’s major economies, Japan is a key market of Ashland in Asia Pacific. We specialize in supplying customers with tailor-made solutions to solve their challenges. Ashland has one administrative office and one sales office in Japan, with approximately 20 employees. Our customers are from a wide network of markets including: pharmaceutical, food & beverage, personal care, paint & coatings, energy, building & construction, pulp & paper, packaging, printing & writing, tissue & towel. See ashland.com for more information.

Our representatives in Japan provide solutions and services ranging from rheology modifiers to food ingredients to chemical processing. A network of local sales, technical service and distributor representatives serves our key markets:

Building and Construction   Packaging, Converting and Printing
Chemical Processing   Pulp and Paper
Commercial and Institutional   Transportation
Personal Care    


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  • Packaging, Converting and Printing
  • Pulp and Paper

Bob Ding
Phone: +86 21 5442 2323 6226
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  • Ashland Water Technologies

Products to enhance the end-use performance of packaging paper and improve the operating efficiency of a paper machine, including barrier coatings, dry and wet strength additives, internal and surface size agents, process aids, retention and drainage aids, and water treatment chemistries. As the world’s leading supplier of specialty chemicals and support services to the global pulp and paper industry, we offer an extensive array of process, utility-water and functional chemistries to help our customers improve operational efficiencies, enhance product quality, protect plant assets and minimize environmental impact.

  • Food and Beverage - Ingredients and Stabilizers

Food and Beverage - Japan
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  • Ashland Specialty Ingredients

Premium food ingredients derived from cellulose, a renewable, natural raw material for thickening, gelling, suspending, immobilizing, stabilizing, or binding.

  • Energy

Oil and Gas Technologies - Japan
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  • Ashland Specialty Ingredients

Synthetic-based, cellulose-based and guar-based water-soluble polymers for drilling fluids, drill-in-fluids, oil-well cement slurries, completion and workover fluids, and fracturing fluids.

  • Pharmaceutical - Excipients and Tablet Film Coating Systems

Pharmaceutical - Japan
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  • Ashland Specialty Ingredients

Cellulosic pharmaceutical-grade excipients in wide ranges of viscosities, types and degrees of substitution, and varied particle sizes for tablet binding, coatings, modified release and liquid and semi-solid rheology control.

  • Chemical Processing

Winter Lai
Phone: +86 21 2402 4517
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  • Ashland Performance Materials

An extensive array of specialty chemicals can help chemical-processing companies improve operational efficiencies, protect plant assets and minimize environmental impact.

  • Paint and Coatings

Yusuke Okada
Mobile: +81 90 10400855
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  • Ashland Specialty Ingredients

Rheology modifiers for paints and coatings that provide efficient thickening with superior batch-to-batch consistency, proven flow and leveling performance, full gloss development, mechanical and freeze-thaw stability and storage stability and bio-resistance.

  • Building and Construction

Yusuke Okada
Mobile: +81 90 10400855
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  • Ashland Specialty Ingredients

Cellulose ethers and companion products for construction products for thickening, water retention, sag resistance, workability and consistency, adhesion, stabilization, pumping, rheological properties, and strength.

  • More Specialties

Yusuke Okada
Mobile: +81 90 10400855
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  • Ashland Specialty Ingredients

Products that provide unique properties from rheology modification and water retention to plasticization and lubrication for adhesives and glues, agricultural products, ceramics, civil engineering, electronics, fire-fighting fluids, foundry, industrial cleaners, inks and printing, mining, paint removers, paper and paper coatings, suspension polymerization, tobacco and welding rods.

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Asteer Kayabacho Building, 3rd floor
6-1, 1-Chome
Shinkawa Chuo-Ku
Phone: +81 35 566 8705 or 566 8661

  • Ashland Specialty Ingredients
  • Sales Office