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Consumers of wine and beer love a clear and stabilized beverage, and so does Ashland, which is at the forefront of developing and manufacturing stabilizers for a variety of beverage products. By helping our customers achieve the highest product quality, Ashland plays an important role in enhancing consumer appeal. At the same time, our complete line of polyvinylpolypyrrolidone (PVPP) provides cost-effective technology to brewers and wine makers.

Our brewmaster technicians and chemists worked closely with a European optics institute to develop the portable haze tester which we use along with other mobile lab instruments that easily and accurately measure haze precursors like tannoids and hazesensitive proteins. The measured removal of these haze-forming precursors allows brewers and wine makers to optimize the stabilizer used. Working in conjunction with customers, we also recommend the best Polyclar PVPP stabilizer for their specific application. This personalized approach helps to enhance processing efficiency and product quality. Our scientists were the first to develop and patent PVPP stabilizers.

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