Ashland and Mark Andy save narrow- and mid-web converters time and money with near-line slitting just hours after film lamination

New adhesive technology and equipment development especially valuable in manufacture of flexible food packaging

Ashland Inc. and Mark Andy, Inc. have launched a revolutionary film lamination technology that uses equipment advancements and new solvent-free adhesive technology to enable narrow and mid web converters to perform near-line slitting within hours of lamination. The combination of materials and machinery will save converters time, labor costs, adhesive scrap, reduce line downtime and substantially improving their productivity. The impact could be particularly profound for companies producing flexible food packaging.

The technology employs Ashland’s newest laminating adhesive Purelam™ 9500/9240 in conjunction with Mark Andy’s in-line adhesive delivery solution to speed curing and processing efficiency on press. This innovative technology enables in-line solvent-free lamination without pre-mix of adhesive components—resulting in no pot life concerns or adhesive curing in the press machinery. The solution is immediately available on select Mark Andy Performance Series narrow-web and Versa Max mid-web press platforms.

The unique solvent-free adhesive delivery offering extends beyond equipment with a supply relationship through Mark Andy Print Products, the print supplies division of Mark Andy. The solution is optimized to deliver Purelam™ 9500/9240 adhesive in the quantities and lead times that converters need for peak profitability.

“Ashland is excited to be working with an industry leader like Mark Andy to revolutionize the way narrow and mid web converters laminate films for flexible food packaging,” said David Hatgas, global business director, adhesives and coatings, Ashland. “Beyond just focusing on products, we are focused on delivering innovation that enables our customers to improve product quality and to achieve lower cost in use. 

Purelam A9500/9240 is Ashland’s newest solvent-free laminating adhesive. It is an “All-in-One” adhesive that eliminates the need to change adhesives between jobs and has excellent bonds to both clear and metalized films.

“The development of solvent-free lamination in an in-line package is a direct response to our customers’ needs,” states John Howard, director of product management, Mark Andy Inc. “This integrated solution produces laminated product directly off the press and ready for post processing in a short turnaround time, with no curing of adhesive occurring on-press. We are proud to deliver an unmatched turnkey solution for the industry which will enable converters to acquire new business in a growing market segment, with no additional investment in off-line laminators or crews required.”

Ashland will continue to offer flexible packaging converters best-in-class conversion efficiency, shorter lead times and reduced costs via adhesive system innovations. Ashland is currently developing its next-generation adhesive system that will allow for in-line processing (ultra-fast curing, slitting and pouching).

Download the technical data sheet for Purelam™ 9500/9240 adhesive here.

Visit the Mark Andy website.

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Safecure for safe flexible packaging

Are you sure that your flexible packaging is not inadvertently adulterating the food products inside? When used properly, Safecure™ A320/B440 solvent-free, polyurethane laminating adhesive provides zero risk of aromatic amine migration for the vast majority of foods.

  • All-in-one adhesive that eliminates the need to change adhesives between all clear-film applications
  • Solvent-free technology enables lower cost-in-use
  • FDA Compliant

Download the technical data sheet now, or call Ashland to learn more: 866-514-8898

Purelam for safe flexible packaging

Get the benefits of aliphatic solvent-free laminating adhesive technology for about the cost of an aromatic polyurethane adhesive. Purelam™ A9500/B9240 solvent-free laminating adhesive can be run at lines speeds above 1,300 feet/minute with no misting. And it can be slit in as few as three hours, with full bond development in 24 hours. And yet it provides the lowest aromatic amine migration on the market today.

Download the technical data sheet now, or call Ashland to learn more: 866-514-8898

Together We Can Protect Your Products
and Your Reputation

Going Above and Beyond Flexible Packaging Industry Standards

Food safety seems to be in the headlines every day, and consumers are increasingly concerned. Packaging technology keeps changing, and with every advancement seems to come a dozen more challenges. Today, the industry can’t afford a mistake.

At Ashland, we’re developing safe solutions you can trust. We’re listening to the needs of food companies and converters – to you – to collaborate on products that go beyond industry standards to a level that is “Fit-For-Use.” Our expertise in design, synthesis and scale-up of new polymer chemistries helps us develop innovative adhesives, sealants and coatings that are the basis for your next-generation food packaging.

Ashland’s line of adhesives includes water-based, solvent-based and solventless products.

  • Flexible packaging adhesives
  • Laminating adhesives
  • UV/EB overprint coatings
  • Water-based overprint coatings
  • Custom-formulated specialty coatings

We are not just creating solutions, we’re shaping the industry. Raising the bar by shaping new industry guidelines and creating products that outdistance current standards.

Improve your manufacturing efficiencies and decrease overall manufacturing costs. Choose flexible packaging ingredients from Ashland. Contact us now. 866-514-8898

  • FDA compliance
  • Global risk assessment support
  • Excellent machinability
  • Outstanding barrier-to-barrier performance
  • Ultra-Low Migration
  • Faster curing

Purekote™ 23589 Technical Data Sheet
Download it now

Purekote™ 23589 is a coating that can be used safely in food packaging applications regulated by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). The water-based coating delivers a superior matte appearance and velvety feel to paper and plastic bags, pouches, lidding films, foil bags and sachets. Purkote coating also delivers superior scuff resistance, so when the food product finally reaches the shelf it will still look great.

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Helping converters and brand owners produce safe, cost-effective packaging is Ashland's mission.

Find out how we helped two of our customers improve their flexible packaging.

We use Good Chemistry to guide our “Fit for Use” process

How do we stay ahead of the food-safety curve? Through the combination of cutting-edge analytical resources and by listening to the needs of consumers, customers and industry groups, Ashland is able to collaborate and develop the perfect adhesive solution for every packaging challenge. Ashland is raising the bar by shaping new industry guidelines and creating products that outdistance current standards.

Using our good chemistry to guide our fit for use process