Ashland has designed a complete line of gelcoats, unsaturated polyester resins, low profile resins and barrier coats for the RV market. Combined with Ashland’s manufacturing expertise, product development, and technical service, Ashland can help you become a better, more profitable manufacturer. 

Aropol™ and Envirez™ resins have been the preferred and trusted resins for the best RV manufacturers in the world for decades. Great care has been taken to address the high performance desires and real world production needs of the end user. 

Maxguard™ gelcoats raise the bar on performance. Ashland’s Maxguard NRP white and NCP color gelcoats, as well as the reliable Maxguard LRV technology continue to deliver the enduring luster and finish expected from leading manufacturers world-wide, while maintaining the ease of use customers have come to expect of Ashland gelcoats. Ashland’s innovations continue to build our suite of gelcoat products, pushing gelcoat technology and performance to new levels.

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Composites find widespread use in recreational vehicles. The low weight of composites, combined with the strength, durability and design freedom make composite materials a perfect match for the requirements of the RV industry.

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