pHLEX™ neutralizing additive

pHLEX neutralizing additive is a proprietary organoamine blend that raises pH and provides buffering effects to waterborne paints and coatings. It is designed as a functional drop-in replacement that is an economic alternative to other common amine-based neutralizers, but also offers a low-odor stabilizing alternative to ammonia, NaOH and other common bases. pHLEX neutralizing additive also offers reduced VOC compared to other organoamine neutralizers and lower odor levels for in-plant handling benefits

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Waterborne Architectural Coatings

pHLEX neutralizing additive is a liquid organoamine-based pH neutralizing agent.

  • Economical alternative
  • Lower VOC
  • Lower odor
  • Flash point > 100°C

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Paint and Coatings
Waterborne Architectural Coatings
pH Neutralizing Additive