Neulon™ low-profile additives

Neulon low-profile additives are used in applications where control of shrinkage and surface smoothness is required. It is effective with a broad range of polyester and epoxy vinyl ester resins. Neulon low-profile additives can be used in sheet- or bulk-molding compounds and pultrusion processes. 

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Fabrication of electrical-device enclosures and housings using press molding processes. 

  • Shrinkage control
  • Resilience
  • Crack resistance
Exterior Body Panels

Fabrication of body panels, e.g., doors, deck lids, roofs, hoods, fascia and fenders requiring Class A paintable finishes and shrinkage control.

  • Shrinkage control
  • Class A finish


Sheet-molding and Bulk-molding Compounds

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Composite Polymers Mechanical Testing

Mechanical testing provides test data to characterize the mechanical integrity of molded resin castings, composites, laminates and sections of molded parts. The data is used to qualify materials for customer specifications, to help design materials for optimum end-use performance or to evaluate the effects of exposure environments on mechanical integrity. The material strength can be evaluated in a variety of deformations:

  • Tensile testing – measures the stiffness and strength of a material as it is being pulled apart in tension.
  • Flex testing – measures the stiffness and strength of a material as it is being deformed in three-point flexural bending.
  • Fatigue testing – applies to a cyclical load or strain to the sample and determines the resiliency or durability of the material by measuring the number of cycles to failure.

North America Resins and Gelcoat Technical and Analytical Services

Ashland’s global technology team includes skilled scientists, chemists, engineers and researchers who formulate specialty polymer products. With extensive experience in processes such as hand lay-up, spray-up and closed-molding processes such as infusion, resin-transfer molding, sheet-molding compounding, bulk-molding compounding, pultrusion and cured-in-place pipe, our development team can simulate the manufacturing environment in our world-class facility. This team then applies its specialty chemical expertise to customize polymers that enhance customers’ specific application needs. The team also offers chromatography, spectroscopy, microscopy, spectrometry, thermal analysis and mechanical testing services that validate and verify applications of its products to ensure quality control and safety.

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Product Types or Functions

Building and Construction
Surface profile improvement
General Manufacturing - Automotive
Exterior Body Panels, Sheet-molding and Bulk-molding Compounds
Shrinkage and surface-smoothness additives for SMC and BMC, Surface profile improvement
Transportation - Light Vehicles
Sheet-molding and Bulk-molding Compounds
Surface profile improvement
Transportation - Medium and Heavy Trucks
Exterior Body Panels
Surface profile improvement