Amylotex* and Aqualon™ starch ethers

Amylotex* and Aqualon starch ethers enhance workability and improve the application properties of building products. They are recommended to fine-tune the antisagging properties of dry mortars such as tile cements, plasters and renders and to increase the yield and water demand of these systems.

* Registered trademark owned by Henkel KGaA. Ashland Inc. acts as Henkel's exclusive worldwide distributor.

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Gypsum Plaster

For a smooth and durable finish on interior walls, gypsum plasters provide protective, decorative and partly insulating layers on various substrates. Gypsum plasters are pre-blended building formulations based on different types of gypsum, aggregates and functional additives.

  • Can be hand or machine applied
  • Well-balanced rheology for easy mixing
  • High sag resistance
  • Good pumpability
  • Smooth finishing
  • Easy workability
  • Water is retained in the plaster to hydrate and harden the gypsum without cracking
  • Ideal make up properties
Tile Cement

From cement-based to latex-based tile adhesives, our range of tile and cement additives improve workability, application properties and final product performance. Pre-blended in dry-mortar plants, tile cements are the most common adhesives to fix ceramic tiles as well as natural stones like marble. Used to fix ceramic tiles on vertical substrates, tile adhesives consist of a latex binder, aggregates, filler, defoamer, wetting agents, preservatives and film forming agents.


  • Increases water retention and working time
  • Improves rheology and sag resistance
  • Enhances the bonding of tiles to the substrate
  • Enables contractors to use the thin-bed mortar application technique, which saves time, labor, and natural resources


  • Pasty and ready to use
  • No further mixing required

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Building and Construction
Gypsum Plaster, Tile Cement
Rheology Modifier and Workability Enhancer