While most consumers think first about paint color, manufacturers think about how it hides, how it flows and how it feels. That's because you know that the sag, leveling, appearance and application experience are every bit as important to the consumer's buying preferences as colors - maybe more so. Getting those paint characteristics right depends on how you build your rheology package. Ashland has been a leader in rheological technology for more than 50 years, and we've learned some things along the way. We want to share them with you. This page is full of information and resources to help you understand rheology or expand your current knowledge base. We believe that the more you understand about rheology, the more you'll appreciate what Ashland can do for you.

Novel Enabling Techniques To Quantify Wet And Dry Coating Properties,
Ashland Inc., in PCI Magazine

The global coatings industry is constantly evolving to keep pace with emerging technology and consumer trends. Some trends are driven by environmental and regulatory requirements (e.g., low VOCs or low odor), cost (e.g., TiO2 optimization) or performance (e.g., improved hide, smooth finish). These trends pose challenges to formulators as well as specialty chemical companies to design products with improved performance while allowing them to remain compliant with regulations, address public environmental concerns, and still meet consumer quality and performance expectations. Read more...