Transform the Way You Think About Paint.

The instant a consumer opens the paint can, they will see it. The moment the paint is poured into the tray, they’ll notice it. When they roll the paint across the wall, they'll feel it. This is the Ashland difference – a difference made possible thanks to our world-class expertise in rheology modification. Every day, Ashland engineers, chemists and scientists are helping perfect paint formulations for manufacturers and formulators just like you.

Your customers demand performance – be it unsurpassed hiding, superior leveling and flow, or consistency with every brush stroke. Ashland can help you formulate coatings to meet market demands with groundbreaking innovation, a global product line, and personal attention that's transforming the concept of customer service.

Our industry-changing technology is born in our Paint Application Center of Technology; re-engineered and refined after countless bits of information are decoded from our Application Reader Technology™. And it comes to life in products like Natrosol™ HEC, and Aquaflow™ rheology modifiers.

Our technology is transforming not only how you think about formulations, but how painters (contractors and DIYs) approach their projects. From a wall, to a room, to the overall painting experience, Ashland is transforming the way our industry thinks about paint.

Rheology: What exactly is the science of rheology and how does it affect the properties of your paint? Hear it from the experts.

NATROSOL™ hydroxyethylcellulose (HEC) thickeners– The industry-leader in waterborne architectural coatings for more than 50 years.

AQUAFLOW™ (NSAT) nonionic synthetic associative thickeners – The new way to formulate paints and meet today’s painting demands.

The PACT™ Center (Paint Application Center of Technology) – Ashland’s new Center of Excellence facility in Wilmington, DE is devoted to solving the unique rheology challenges in every global market.

Rheology Meets Adology – Ashland's new advertising campaign is live worldwide. See the new look now.