Aquaflow™ nonionic synthetic associative thickeners (NSATs)

The future of waterborne coatings, Aquaflow nonionic synthetic associative thickeners (NSATs) are the additives more and more paint formulators are turning to in order to meet market challenges and increasing consumer demands. Aquaflow NSATs are unique, high-performance additives that provide paints with a consistent feel from the minute the paint can is open until the final touch-up is complete. Paints formulated with this technology show full gloss development, smooth finish, and outstanding flow and leveling. Aquaflow NSAT is an ideal rheological additive for premium paints formulated for the DIY market, commercial paints, and for wood coatings. And, with more formulators striving to deliver zero VOC, this next-generation, solvent-free additive is the perfect choice for many extremely low VOC formulations. Explore the different Aquaflow modifiers below – there is a perfect one for your formulation needs – and discover how Ashland is not only transforming the way people paint, but we're transforming the paint industry itself.