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If we thought reinventing the wheel would help you, we would! While we may not be reinventing the wheel itself, the tenacious solvers of Ashland are working with the automotive industry for solutions for vehicles with wheels, as well as finding efficiencies in the assembly process as well. Molded composites from Ashland are transforming the transportation industry and they can transform your business as well.  Ashland also offers a wide variety of analytical and technical services to help determine the solution that will best fit your needs.

Body and Closure Panels
Seems like people around the world are constantly moving, going from here to there - everywhere.  Ashland gets reved up at the prospect of solving and the transportation industry needs some solutions.  Heavy vehicles require more gas, metal parts can rust and the industry is looking for new ways to hold it all together.  Exterior body parts such as hoods, roofs, spoilers and fenders (to name just a few) will maintain a superior look and finish when they are made with Arotran™ since Arotran resin systems offer superior surface finish, help reduce paint parts and provide excellent bonding and adhesion for paint applications. Furthermore, Pliogrip™ structural adhesives have been used for composite bonding in automotive and heavy truck applications for more than 40 years. Formulated to bond composites, plastics, metals and glass, and available in two-part polyurethane, epoxy and methacrylate technologies, Pliogrip structural adhesives can be an effective solution in a wide variety of applications. Consider Pliogrip adhesives for bonding and assembly of automotive composites and lightweight vehicles.

Powertrains and Under the Hood
The automotive industry strives to maintain a balance between lightweight and high strength to help reduce fuel consumption and provide durability and safety, respectively.  For hood, door, roof, and deck lid inners, Ashland has Arotran™ 300 resin system, a system specifically designed to achieve this balance by utilizing carbon fiber. The solvers of Ashland combine epoxy vinyl ester chemistry with nano-composites technology for the Arotran 300 resin system. Parts made with this resin technology will produce carbon fiber SMC structural composites with very high mechanical properties. Arofene™ phenolic resins are used as media saturants providing heat, chemical and water resistance as well as other specialized properties such as a frictional coefficient. Arofene phenolic adhesives are used to bond non-metallic materials, such as transmission friction media, brake pads and metal plates.

Structural and Chassis
Arotran™ and Derakane™ resins and resin systems can be utilized in the automotive and heavy-truck markets for structural part applications and will provide the parts with excellent mechanical properties and toughness. Arotran and Derakane structural SMC resins utilize nano-composite materials to provide original equipment manufacturers and molders with lower-mass SMCs which result in lighter parts while maintaining structural integrity.

Truck Beds and Stowage
Arotran™ UV resin systems can be used in SMC formulations where UV stability and good shrink control are required. The molded-in black color eliminates the need for paint. Derakane™ resins and resin systems feature excellent physical properties, high tensile elongation, and good dimensional tolerance.

Underbody Shields
Derakane™ resin and resin systems are high-strength, thickenable epoxy vinyl ester resin for use in SMC and BMC. Features include excellent physical properties, good heat resistance, high tensile elongation, and good dimensional tolerance for use in underbody shields.

From top to bottom and inside to out, Ashland works to find science based answers and solutions to automotive industry questions and that includes finding durable, lightweight materials for auto and truck interiors.  Sun shades and seat frames provide comfort to vehicle occupants.  Seats provide support and comfort and the frames take a lot of abuse as people and pets, as well as baggage, sit, flop, drop and jump and climb all over them.  Sun shades need to withstand the constant opening and closing and load floors need to stand up to the constant loading of bags, gear, groceries, tools, pets, and purchases that are a part of everyday life. Derakane™ 788, 780 and 782 along with Arotran™ 300 resin systems are materials that withstand the test of time.

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