Tapes and Labels

Results: signed, sealed and delivered

Ashland scientists stick to it until solutions are found and our adhesives team offers a wide range of adhesive options for everything from bus wraps to bandages.  Stick with Ashland for the best in adhesive solutions.

Ashland provides innovative technology solutions for a broad range of wide web adhesive and coating applications. Ashland’s extensive product line of pressure sensitive adhesives, functional coatings and primers are expertly formulated to meet customers' most stringent requirements in areas such as food and beverage, shipping, transportation, health and beauty, industrial, postage and security printing.

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Antara™ 430 Polectron 430 polymer Arocure™ radiation curable pressure sensitive adhesives Aroset™ solvent acrylic pressure sensitive adhesives Aroset™ emulsion pressure sensitive adhesives Flexcryl™ pressure sensitive adhesives PureRad™ radiation-curable laminating adhesive Purekote™ water-based coating