Non Food Packaging

Wrap it up

Ashland thinks outside the box to deliver results for your packaging needs.  Ashland listens carefully to customer needs and then goes to work to find answers to questions such as how to make it stronger, safer, more economical and deliver what our customers - you - asked for. When it comes to providing solutions - Ashland delivers.

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Arocure™ radiation curable pressure sensitive adhesive Flexcryl™ pressure sensitive adhesive Aroset™ solvent-based pressure sensitive adhesive Aroset™ emulsion pressure sensitive adhesive PureRad™ radiation-curable adhesive Purekote™ water-based coating Pureseal™ water-based lamimating adhesive Purethane™ water-based laminating adhesive Purelam™ Fastcure two-component laminating adhesive Purelam™ two component laminating adhesive