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Not since Johannes Gutenberg invented the printing press has anyone worked harder to provide solutions to make better inks and printing options. The people of Ashland study situations, ask questions and apply science-based solutions to the world of inks and printing so you'll never have to stop your presses again.

As a specialty chemical ingredient company, Ashland  touches many different industries and markets including printing and inks. During printing, it's important that inks adhere to a variety of paper and products.  Even pigment dispersion ensures that the color is consistent throughout. This dispersion needs to be balanced with maintaining the right consistency to prevent the ink bleeding.  Ashland ingredients such as Aqualon ethylcellulose is a key ingredient in gravure printing inks. This multifunctional product is also used as a thickening binder in flexographic and screen printing inks. Printing problem? Ashland can help solve it. 

Like many other companies, Ashland strives to solve problems with the best possible solution for you, your industry and the environment. Ongoing environmental concerns surrounding the volatility of alcohols in fountain solutions has led to an increased need for cleaner substitutes. Ashland Ambergum™ water-soluble polymer is derived from a reliable, stable raw material source to provide clean viscosity control and unique rheology in gumming and fountain solutions. These excellent wetting-agents help prevent bleeding of the ink yielding a higher print quality with rich, solid color.

In the world of textiles, prints need to be clear, clean and sharp regardless of the type of fabric. Ashland Blanose™ carboxymethylcellulose and Galactasol™ guar are two products commonly used for thickening and rheology control for textile printing. With excellent washout and minimal dusting, these polymers ensure adhesion of the dye to the fibers for outstanding print quality.

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Ambergum™ water soluble polymers Aqualon™ ethylcellulose V-Cap™ vinyl caprolactam Drewplus™ foam control agents Advantage™ defoarmers Surfadone™ wetting agents Dextrol™ & Strodex™ phosphate ester surfactants V-Pyrol™ RC reactive monomer Aquaflow™ nonionic synthetic associative thickeners PVP K series PVP-VA THF - Tetrahydrofuran BLO™ gamma butyrolactone 2-Pyrrolidone (2-Pyrol™ solvent) NMP - N methyl 2 pyrrolidone (M-Pyrol™ solvent)