Water and Wastewater

A proven defense

At Ashland, ideas and expertise flow freely and are shared widely to develop solutions that you can use; and water treatment facilities, desalination plants and water based cooling systems are no exception. What do these three facilities have in common? - corrosion.  And since Ashland composites resist corrosion, they can help keep your facility on-line.  Smooth operations and lower maintencance costs helps you reduce costly maintenance and replacement expenses keeping money in your pocket rather then feeling like it's money down the drain.

Scrubbers, Ducting, Stakes and Fume Handling Equipment
Derakane™ resins offer a variety of benefits making them ideal for all types of corrosive fume handling equipment.  Although lightweight, Derakane resins are tough when it comes to providing  thermal insulation and electrical insulation along with abrasion resistance.  Flexible for use in a wide variety of environments, Derakane stand up to corrosive process streams, scrubbing chemical fluids and chemical by-products of scrubbing processes and cleaning solutions.

Due to their resistance to corrosion, Derakane™ resins provide an economical solution by eliminating the need for linings in both the mixing and neutralization storage tanks and processing vessels.
Derakane resins for tanks provide:

  • corrosion resistance (internal and external) in virtually all chemically intensive environments.
  • cost efficient maintenance
  • easy installation (lightweight)
  • low thermal conductivity properties - little to no insulation necessary
  • no electrolyte attack (cathodic protection not required.

Highly corrosive sodium hypochlorite solutions create a unique challenge for water treatment facilities.  FRP made with Derakane resin is rapidly replacing costly and hard-to-find titanium and cost effective but low-performing polyethene in bulk storage tanks and piping in water processing plants.

Ideal for use in both above and below ground piping, lightweight Derakane™ resins offer both performance and cost effectiveness.  With lighter weight Derakane pipes, lower cost pipe hangers and bridges can be used.
Benefits of composite pipes made with Derakane resins include:

  • corrosion resistance (internal and external) to a wide range of chemicals
  • abrasion resistance
  • lightweight, lower cost installation
  • assembly without arc welding
  • low thermal conductivity

Gratings, Ladders & Railings
With multiple benefits, Derakane™ resins are an ideal replacement for more maintenance-intensive metal structures. The need to paint, is eliminated since the color is molded in during the fabrication process, thereby saving time and money.  In addition to their cost effectivness, Derakane resins provide corrosion resistance, offer electrical insulation properties and have high strength-to-weight ratios. 
Pultrusion fabrication techniques provide maximum strength properties at economical levels.

Protective Linings and Floorings
Tank life can be extended, saving both time and money,  when Derakane resins are used to formulate corrosion resistant tank floorings and linings.  Derakane resins can be used for both new and existing floors and provide:

  • extended service life over metal equipment
  • the advantages of nonolithic flooring versus concrete
  • lower maintenance costs
  • containment of spills

Contact derakane@ashland.com for a resin recommendation.

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