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Sheaves of solutions

Acids, alkalies, and bleaches are the common ingredients used to convert wood into wood pulp and then ultimately, into paper.  As solvers, we are always capturing our thoughts and ideas for market-driven solutions and innovations. Our solutions include fiber-reinforce plastic (FPR) resins that provide a cost-effective alternative in corrosion prone environments like pulp and paper mills.  We don't think you need reams of solutions - just one that meets your needs and provides some additional benefits like lower maintenance costs and extended useful life of equipment. 

Proven solutions for highly aggressive environments

The world relies on paper, yet for paper manufacturers, never has there been a greater need to rely on a partner who can balance the call for innovation and quality with reduced operating costs. Processing wood to paper requires the use of highly corrosive chemicals such as acids, alkalies, bleaches and salt. Throughout the mill, this requires specially designed and expensive processing equipment that can withstand a variety of harsh chemical environments.

In pulp mills throughout the world, fiber-reinforced plastic (FRP) equipment fabricated from Derakane™ epoxy vinyl ester resins have proven to be an exceptionally cost-effective, corrosion-resistant alternative for process fluid environments where conventional metals and coatings quickly fail. Combined with fiberglass reinforcement, Derakane epoxy vinyl ester resins can be fabricated into corrosion-resistant lightweight piping, ductwork, tanks, hoods, scrubbers, and stacks –- for far less than the cost of stainless steel several times lower cost than exotic alloys.

Superior Chemical Resistance

Derakane™ resins can resist a variety of corrosive chemicals encountered in a pulp and paper mill, at both ambient and elevated temperatures. Unlike metals, Derakane™ resins are unaffected by chloride stress or crevice corrosion and are highly resistant to pH extremes. With FRP equipment, there is no need to worry about long-term corrosive effects of continued closing of the recovery loop or about wide variations in pH levels during the bleaching process.

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