Mineral Processing

Mining for minerals and solutions

The acids, extremely high temperatures, and acid chlorides that make mineral processing possible; also pose threats - in the way of corrosion - to the same systems.  Fiber reinforced plastic resins protect tanks, scrubbers, pipes and more to keep your minerals process moving along smoothly.  Ashland mines the best of the best to bring you the best in solutions for corrosive prone environments.

With the ability to withstand extremely high temperatures (90°C) as well as the harsh acids and acid chlorides used in mineral processing facilities, fiber-reinforced plastic resins are rapidly replacing traditional and expensive metal materials.

Cost-effective Derakane™ epoxy vinyl esters offer unsurpassed durability for component construction including:

  • storage and processing vessles
  • piping
  • ducting
  • scrubbers

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Derakane™ epoxy vinyl ester resin Hetron™ epoxy vinyl ester resin