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From one chemical company to another

As a chemical company, Ashland has first hand knowledge of the damage, cost and havoc that corrosion can create on sensitive chemical processing equipment and facilities.  We put our money where our mouth is and use our own corrosion resistant fiber reinforced plastic resins to protect systems. Utilizing Ashland composite materials to reduce corrosion helps increase the lifecyle of equipment, thereby reducing maintenance and replacement costs. Useable, low maintenance, cost efficient and effective - we want to the offer the solutions we use for ourselves, to you.

First invented by chemical companies searching for chemical resistant materials for their aggressive processes, fiber-reinforced plastic (FRP) resins, such as Hetron™ and Derakane™ resins from Ashland  offer protection in a variety of applications. Hetron™ chlorendic polyester resins can replace the high nickel alloys often used in the piping and headers found in chlor alkali production units. Derakane epoxy vinyl ester resins replace metal alloys in an array of chemical processing plants including those that manufacture chlorine and caustic. 

Chemical processing facilities around the world are replacing corrosion prone and high maintenance materials such as carbon steel, stainless steel and masonry with high performance, low maintenance and long lasting FRP materials.

Fiber reinforced plastic resin also offers significant cost savings over more traditional materials such as stainless steel. Even in harsh environments that have traditionally used Hastelloy or titanium, FRP resins are a more economical choice. The engineering team at Ashland conducted research to determine the relative cost of a variety of common storage vessels and the results showed that FRP is about 1/4 the cost of some traditional materials.

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Derakane™ epoxy vinyl ester resin Hetron™ epoxy vinyl ester resin