Air Pollution Control

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As the call for sustainability increases, both green house gases and particulate matter need to decrease. Regulatory agencies are aggressively implementing and monitoring flue emissions - from energy generating boiler systems - to keep the air clean and the earth healthy. Since Ashland composites resist corrosion,  they can help reduce costly maintenance charges while, at the same time, keeping scrubbers and liners working to help you avoid regulatory fines.  Working with Ashland composites lets you breathe easy knowing your sophisticated (and expensive) scrubbers and air pollution control systems are protected against damaging (and expensive) corrosion.

Regulatory agencies continually update standards, raising the bar ever higher for air pollution control. This creates a challenging situation for plant managers and owners  to install and maintain sophisticated scrubbing equipment for flue gases emitted by energy generating boiler systems.  These emissions create a highly corrosive environment for both stainless steel and nickel alloys that are often used in air pollution control processes. The combination of low maintenance and exceptional performance and durabiity in corrosion prone environments, Derakane™ and  Hetron™ fiber-reinforced plastic (FRP) composites made with epoxy vinyl ester resins, from Ashland, have quickly become the material of choice for many applications in air pollution control equipment.

Ashland Derakane™ and Hetron™ epoxy vinyl ester resins are commonly found in:

  • Coal-fired power plants, where their superior abrasion and corrosion resistance,  protect scrubbers, piping and ducting
  • Highly corrosive environments with hot, wet, acidic gases
  • Water processing tanks and piping with extremely hot processing water
  • Cooling towers and pultruded structural profiles and fan shrouds

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Derakane™ epoxy vinyl ester resin Hetron™ epoxy vinyl ester resin