Fire Retardant

Fire safety in public environments is a critical concern. One way to address this concern is mandated fire retardant (FR) norms and performance standards. Critical applications like these require world-class solutions from the global leader in resin chemistry.

Ashland resins are based on halogenated polyester or epoxy vinyl ester chemistry and non-halogenated, modified acrylic polymer chemistry. These resins accept the addition of alumina trihydrate to improve the fire retardance of finished composites.  Ashland resins are specially designed to deliver low flame spread as well as low smoke generation in properly formulated composite systems. 

Fire retardant composites are used in a wide variety of industries and environments.  From residential and public architecture to mass transit vehicles and subway platforms to municipal infrastructure, FR composites designed with Ashland resins achieve maximum benefit at minimal cost.    When it’s your reputation on the line, you can rely on ours. With more than 50 years of successful application experience, Ashland continues to raise the bar for fire-retardant resins.  We possess a vast portfolio of test data and industry certifications demonstrating the capability of fire retardant composites fabricated with Ashland resins to meet FR requirements in virtually every industry and geography.   Contact us today at to see what Ashland can do to help you be successful in your FR composite endeavor.