Nothing handles chlorine bleach better than FRP

Fiber-reinforced plastic (FRP) made with Ashland Derakane™ epoxy vinyl ester resins is heavily used in water and wastewater service. It is particularly well-suited to seawater piping in cooling water systems and desalination plants. Design engineers rely heavily on these resins for the fabrication of sodium hypochlorite (bleach) storage tanks and piping systems.

Scrubbers, Ducting, Stacks and Fume Handling Equipment Scrubbers, ducts and stacks fabricated with Derakane resins are ideal for corrosive fume handling equipment. FRP composites are lightweight, offer excellent thermal insulating properties, electrical insulation and abrasion resistance. Scrubbers made with Derakane resins can handle a wide variety of environments, including the corrosive process streams, scrubbing chemical fluids, chemical by-products of the scrubbing process and cleaning solutions.
Tanks Tanks fabricated with Derakane resins provide economical storage and process vessels for neutralization and mixing. The inherent corrosion resistance of FRP composites made with these resins eliminates the need for linings; thus minimizing maintenance costs.

Composite tanks made with Derakane resins can provide:

  • corrosion resistance (internal and external) to a wide range of chemical environments
  • economical maintenance
  • lightweight for easy installation
  • low thermal conductivity properties - requiring little or no insulation
  • no electrolyte attack (cathodic protection not required)
Sodium hypochlorite solutions (bleach) create a unique challenge for water treatment facilities with many materials of construction being used to transport and store this corrosive chemical. Titanium is considered the best material, but high cost and availability are limiting factors. Polyethylene is frequently utilized due to its competitive cost, but it typically lasts no more than 7-11 years before needing to be replaced. FRP based on premium vinyl ester resin is the most common material of construction for bulk storage and transport of sodium hypochlorite and is backed up with case histories demonstrating more than 20-years service life. A well-specified and properly constructed FRP tank can last 20-30+ years with corrosion barrier inspections typically every two years and minor repairs as required.
Pipe Piping fabricated with Derakane resins offers both versatility and corrosion resistance. Pipe can be installed either above or below ground. Lightweight composite pipe means lower cost pipe hangers and pipe bridges.

Composite pipe made with Derakane resins provide:

  • corrosion resistance (interior and exterior) to a wide range of chemicals
  • toughness and abrasion resistance
  • lightweight for easy installation
  • low thermal conductivity
  • assembly without arc welding
Building Panels Building panels made with Hetron™ FR resins can be specified for wet, corrosive environments.  Lightweight composite structures can be used to protect mechanical and electrical components used at pumping stations and other facilities.   Composite building panels can provide: corrosion resistance to chemical splashes and spills, low maintenance (no painting) and flame retardance.
Domes and Covers Domes and covers fabricated with Derakane resins are lightweight for easy installation. Their high strength-to-weight ratios allow for larger, unsupported structures. Special shapes, including compound curves, can be easily fabricated into domes and covers for high stiffness. Parts can be nested for economical transportation to the job site. Composite domes and covers made with Derakane resins can provide: corrosion resistance to gases, vapors and condensates, flame retardance and high strength with lightweight.
Gratings, Ladders & Railings All types of floor gratings, ladders and railings can be made with Derakane resins. Composites are an excellent replacement for maintenance-intensive metal structures. This equipment can be made using pultrusion fabrication techniques for maximum strength properties and economics. These composites offer good corrosion resistance. Colors are molded into parts during fabrication so no painting is required. Composite floor gratings, ladders and railings made with Derakane resins can provide: corrosion resistance, electrical insulation properties, and high-strength-to-weight ratios.
Protective Linings and Floorings Derakane resins can be used to formulate corrosion-resistant protective linings and floorings. When Derakane resins are used to line steel tanks, they offer an economical option to extend tank life. Existing or new floors can be protected with Derakane resins making them resistant to corrosives. Composite linings and floorings can provide:
  • extended service life for metal equipment
  • advantages of monolithic flooring versus concrete
  • reduced maintenance costs
  • spill containment